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Tom Ford Blue Block & Optical Designer Eyeglasses

Tom Ford Blue Block & Optical Designer Eyeglasses

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Blue-Block Designer Eyeglasses


Have you noticed how tired your eyes can feel after hours spent working, watching TV, or even browsing online? Even though you may not see it, blue light might be the culprit. But don’t feel blue: there’s a clear solution for tired eyes at the end of a long work day. Blue Block eyeglasses are clear specs, specially designed to filter out those tiresome rays. All the protection you’ve come to expect from your favorite luxury sunglasses is now available in clear blue-blocking glasses you can wear indoors.

Beat the Blues

Every day, even when you’re not out in the sunshine, your eyes need protection. Harmful blue light from computer, tablet and smartphone screens may have negative effects on retinas and can even disrupt your natural sleep patterns. Even the energy-efficient lighting in your home or office can leave your eyes less than energetic.  But don’t despair; you can block the blues and look fabulous with designer blue block eyeglasses.  Designer glasses with blue blocker protection offer all the chic style you’ve come to expect from your favorite luxury brands, while protecting your eyes from the indoor hazards of technology.

Out of the Blue

If your eyes are otherwise fine, or you wear contact lenses, no worries — Blue Block designer glasses are ready to wear, no prescription needed. Men’s blue blockers keep you refreshed and clear-eyed, even on the longest days. And the clear lenses and stylish frames of women’s blue blocker glasses from luxury brands like Tom Ford make them a stylish accent to any ensemble.