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Alexander McQueen Women's Sunglasses

Alexander McQueen Women's Sunglasses

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Alexander McQueen Sunglasses for Women

Curiouser and Curiouser

On a quest for designer sunglasses that say a little something more? Searching for specs that are pretty but pack a dramatic punch? Alexander McQueen shades are beautifully crafted with just a drop of darkness, like your favorite fairy tales. Every heroine in waiting has a perfect pair of Alexander McQueen Women's Sunglasses, where new beginnings and happy endings await them at Solstice Sunglasses.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Leave everyone spellbound when you top off your look with Alexander McQueen Cat Eye sunglasses. With just a hint of feline mischief and mystery, these charcoal acetate frames and smoky lenses give every day a little more drama, no toil or trouble required.

The Fairest of Them All

You’re no helpless princess in a tower. You’re more of a queen, and you need shades that are regal but a little rebellious. Alexander McQueen aviator sunglasses present the commanding presence you crave, with a wink of playful adventure. For your crowning accessories, take the traditional aviator shape and add plot twists like geometric angles and cutaway corners, and presto! You’ve got the glamorously gothic shades from Alexander McQueen women love.

Painting the Roses Red

Seeking some red riding shades? Try Alexander McQueen sunglasses in the 0144S rectangle style, with rosy lenses fit for the queen of hearts. Or slip on 0137SA round specs with gold, bronze or black stems circling pretty pink, warm amber or smoldering gray lenses, punctuated with a surprise twist: a mischievous metal crossbar that hints there’s more to your glasses (and you!) than meets the eye.