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Cazal Designer Sunglasses

Cazal Designer Sunglasses

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Cazal Men’s and Women’s Sunglasses

Living Large

They say that less is more, but let’s face it — when it comes to fashion, minimalism is just plain boring. Serious style is all about standing out and being seen, not fading into the crowd. Nothing sets you apart from the pack like a pair of maximum-impact, head-turning Cazal sunglasses.

Star Power

Cazal glasses became an instant cult classic in the ’80s, when Austrian designer Cari Zalloni began crafting his one-of-a-kind, over-the-top luxury eyewear out of the finest materials money can buy, from genuine leather to pure titanium and gold. Nicknamed “Cazzy” by fans and popularized by rap pioneers Run-D.M.C., among others, Cazal eyewear has been a flamboyant fashion favorite among hip-hop royalty and Hollywood A-listers ever since.

Look This Way

Forget about understated, minimalist cool — these are the ultimate, statement-making shades. Cazal frames come in a range of big, bold geometric shapes, from oversized ovals and retro rounds to hefty hexagons and sturdy squares. And with eye-catching accents like glittery temple studs and arms with gold trim, these shades guarantee you’ll always be the center of attention. Cazal has all the angles covered.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Want a taste of the music mogul lifestyle? It’s as easy as slipping on some Cazal sunglasses. Men’s styles include the brand’s iconic square design with thick rims, gold-on-black frames and brown snakeskin detailing. No wonder rap legends Jay-Z and Kanye West — not to mention glitterati like Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga — have all been spotted rocking Cazals. Bling it on!