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Tom Ford Designer Sunglasses

Tom Ford Designer Sunglasses

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You’ve heard that the eyes are the windows to our souls? Sunglasses are the shades we pull on to protect them, and to project our chosen image to the outside world. Whatever persona you prefer, Tom Ford sunglasses let you put your most stylish face forward while protecting your eyes.

For elegance with an edge, Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses are classic frames with a versatile vintage twist. Their playful shape and retro styling hint to passersby that you just might be a Hollywood starlet hiding from the paparazzi in your Tom Ford sunglasses. Cat eye frames range from subtly flirty to full-on feline--you choose how glamorous you want to go.

If you’re feeling a bit more sleek and sporty, Tom Ford aviator sunglasses have metal frames and polished styling that let you rise above it all and navigate whatever life throws at you. Whether you want people to respect your authority or you’re feeling a bit like a maverick,  you’ll be ready for takeoff with the signature metal T at the temple of your Tom Ford sunglasses. Aviator frames embody a simple, timeless luxury that looks at home at a dressed up night out or a post-workout brunch. Wearing these timeless frames will leave you flying high and feeling fabulous.

For serious fashionistas, Tom Ford round sunglasses evoke an artsy sophistication. Whether you take your cues from Camelot’s First Lady or Liverpool’s Lennon, you’ll appreciate the statement these circular specs make.  

Don’t just protect your eyes; project your best self in luxurious Tom Ford sunglasses.