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Wrap Sunglasses-Designer Sport Shades

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Wrap-Around Sunglasses for Men and Women

Second to None

Quick! What are the best sports sunglasses you can wear that give you maximum protection from the sun, sleet, rain and anything else you might encounter on your appointed rounds? That’s easy — it’s a wrap!

No Limits

Nothing conforms as closely to your face as wrap around sunglasses. Their curved, continuous contour and head-hugging fit won’t let the sunshine — or grit, dirt and debris — sneak in from indirect angles. They’re not your average sports specs, and they’re probably not for commuting to the office. But for guys who like to go to extremes, men’s wraparound sunglasses will keep your eyes safe from the sandblasting winds of the Sahara, the frosty bite of the Antarctic and the blinding tropical sun. Now that’s going the distance.

The Plus Side

But wait, there’s more! Unlike townie shades, wrap sunglasses will always stay snugly in place, thanks to non-slip nose pads and inside rubber grips on the frame arms and temple tips. And here’s a real eye-opener for you: their broad, curving lenses actually give you a wider field of vision.

Double Duty

Women’s wrap around sunglasses complement every face shape — in fact, the larger they are, the more effectively they flatter your features. And can we talk aesthetics? Sleek, streamlined and stunning, these ultra-cool sports shades instantly raise your style quotient. Just ask Rihanna. There’s no star with a stronger specs game, especially when she’s glamming it up with wrap sunglasses. Be bold and stay safe? You can have it both ways — under wraps!