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Ultra Violet Sunglasses for Women

Ultra Violet Sunglasses for Women

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UltraViolet Women’s Sunglasses

Easy Does It

Slathering your face with sunblock is one of the best ways to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. But there’s another precaution you can take that’s way less messy and and far more glamorous — namely, throwing on a pair of designer sunglasses.

Best Defense

When it comes to sunglasses for women, not all shades are created equal. Of course you want shades that look cool and feel fabulous. But the most important factor when shopping for fashion sunglasses is 100% UV protection. Don’t confuse that with polarized lenses, which eliminate glare and enhance clarity. Unless your specs block the whole spectrum of ultraviolet light, the sun can wreak serious havoc on your precious eyes.

Play It Safe

The best sunglasses for women offer protection from more than the sun. Even when you’ve got it made in the shade, UV women’s sunglasses block harmful rays that bounce off of any sleek surface nearby, whether it’s a shimmering skyscraper or a swimming pool. And they’re a must-have even in winter, since the sun’s UV rays are nearly three times more powerful in snow than on the beach.

Let There Be Light

Did you know the skin around your eyes is notoriously delicate, making it even more vulnerable to sun damage than other areas are? With oversized shields, wraps and aviator sunglasses for women, you’ll be totally protected from direct and sneaky sideways UV exposure, which means less squinting — and less wrinkles. That’s the beauty of UV designer sunglasses for women!